Visit John Knox’ Grave: in Parking Space No. 23

john-knox-grave-edinburgh-car-park-23 (Image: Kim Traynor)

The city of Edinburgh is home to a wealth of tourist treasures both mainstream and offbeat. From underground streets and secret passages to the world’s largest arts festival, the Scots capital abounds with vibrant culture and hidden history. One intriguing oddity, hidden in plain sight in a car park behind St Giles’ Cathedral, is a marker denoting the approximate location of the grave of the Protestant Reformer John Knox, who died in November 1572. You’ll find his final resting place in parking space No. 23.

Situated close to a building reputed to have been owned by John Knox during the 16th century, the car park in which the grave is located now belongs to the High Court of Scotland. Like many urban graveyards, the cathedral’s old kirkyard was tarmaced over long ago, its graves rendered largely anonymous despite tributes inside the building to its more notable dead.

The inscription on the plaque found within parking space No. 23 reads: “The above stone marks the approximate site of the burial in St Giles graveyard of John Knox, the great Scottish divine who died 24 Nov 1572.”


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