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Whether you’re new to Urban Ghosts or a seasoned visitor to this growing site, which covers all manner of hidden history, offbeat travel and beyond, the archives can be a great place to start. They’re also an easy place to get lost in, and while that can be a good thing, we thought we’d offer a helping hand by showcasing a tiny selection of articles from our back catalogue, collectively connecting you to hundreds of compelling locations and inspirational projects.

10 Abandoned Nuclear Bunkers, Missile Silos & Ammunition Dumps

cape-may-abandoned-bunker-5 (Image: James Simard)

Bunkers, missile silos, ammo storage dumps… they’re all built with the worst case scenario in mind. They’re the last place people want to turn in wartime, but they’re also the places that are better to have when things start to go sideways. There’s a huge number of these structures that ended up not being needed at all, and now, many have been abandoned to the elements. (Read more.)

10 Lost Cities and Mythical Civilisations of the Ancient World

Paititi-mythical-inca-city (Image: Qim1/Wikia)

Over the course of many centuries, countless things are lost. Books, ideas, buried kings – even entire cities. Whole capitals have vanished without a trace, leaving only rumours and contradictory accounts in books. Some of these places may have existed, others definitely did, and others still are legends we somehow dragged out the sand and into fact. (Read more.)

20 Spectacular Abandoned Mansions of the World

abandoned-mansion-bedroom (Image: Bousure)

All over the world, grand mansions, stately homes and other opulent residences that have fallen into ruin are reminders of an elegant past and the changing nature of the times. Underscoring both a rich history and the transience of existence, the reasons behind their abandonment may range from lost fortunes and changing fashions to war, violence and myriad other factors. (Read more.)

10 Creepiest Phantoms and Urban Legends of NYC

manhattan-new-york-city (Image: Joey Parsons)

With a population of over 8 million, New York City is a place with its own fair share of stories. And some of those tales just happen to be absolutely terrifying. In a city this size, it’s not surprising that some urban legends would arise. What’s surprising is how eerily believable many of them are. (Read more.)

Johnston Atoll: Abandoned Military Air Base in the Mid Pacific

johnston-atoll (Image: Google Earth)

There are numerous isolated military bases around the world, but few as remote as Johnston Atoll.  Located in the central Pacific and comprising little more than a vast runway, it’s not hard to imagine what sort of “under the radar” pursuits went on here over the years. (Read more.)

Reusing Abandoned Tube Tunnels as Subterranean Cycle Paths

london-underline-cycle-paths (Image: Gensler via the Guardian)

In a metropolis as overcrowded as London, where dozens of disused ghost stations and miles of abandoned tunnels lurk beneath its storied surface, harnessing the city’s hidden subterranean infrastructure in a bid to ease congestion above would seem to make good sense. (Read more.)

10 Lost Underwater Cities of the Ancient World

Thonis-Heracleion-Egypt-lost-underwater-city-3 (Image: The Cosmos News via YouTube)

There’s a reason that the stories of Atlantis have long captured our imaginations. The idea that an entire city could just vanish beneath the waves is a terrifying thought – and while these lost underwater cities aren’t the mythical Atlantis, that’s exactly what happened to them. (Read more.)

10 More Clever Examples of Adaptive Reuse

arsenal-highbury-square (Image: Highbury Holdings Ltd via

Adaptive reuse is a great way to repurpose the important historical features of our world. At Urban Ghosts, we enjoy discovering how old structures have met with modern architecture and design to create something new and useful for the future. This article features 10 more intriguing examples of adaptive reuse, from roads and ruins to temples and towers. (Read more.)

Ghost Ships: 10 Spooky Sea Vessels to Haunt your Nightmares

ghost-ship-2 (Image: B1bl1kal)

We humans sure love a good ghost story. Since the very first fishermen cast off in their very first fishing boats, we’ve been telling one another spooky stories about the things that haunt the ocean nights. Things like the Kraken, things like Cthulhu… and things like ghost ships. (Read more.)

10 Abandoned Manor Houses & Baronial Mansions of Scotland

Dunalastair-House-Perthshire-ruins-2 (Image: ~V~ { Fox Maule II })

At one time, each one of these abandoned baronial mansions was more than just a home – it was a display of pride and wealth, it was a show of power, it was a creation built by legacies generations in the making. Today, many of these great houses lay in ruins, eerie shadows of what they once were. (Read more.)

5 Abandoned American Military Airfields of the North Pacific

guam-northwest-field (Image: USAF)

The North Pacific Ocean is littered with abandoned airfields and other military installations. Many sit atop tiny atolls and despite being shortlived, played a critical role in history. Today, most of the infrastructure has gone, but the runways and dispersals stand as a silent reminder to the battles that once raged there. (Read more.)

The Fearsome Prison Ships of the Former British Empire

hms-discovery (Image: via Wikipedia)

Known as prison ships or “prison hulks”, these decomissioned vessels were used by Britain during the 18th and 19th centuries to house prisoners of war and those awaiting transportation to penal colonies. Rife with death, disease and despair, prison ships reflect a less-than-proud corner of Britain’s impressive maritime history. (Read more.)

Diving the Spectacular Japanese Ship Graveyard of Truk Lagoon

san-francisco-maru (Image: gh0stdot)

Truk Lagoon in Micronesia is home to a spectacular wealth of sunken military treasures, courtesy of Operation Hailstone, a massive US Navy assault launched against the Japanese fleet based there on February 17-18 1944. Almost 50 Japanese vessels were sunk and 270 aircraft destoyed, some of which still litter the seabed amid the incredible submerged ship graveyard. (Read more.)

13 Abandoned Stations of the London Underground

holborn-underground-station-abandoned-2 (All images by bowroaduk – London Underground Review of 2010)

No doubt about it: there’s something spooky about the London Underground. From classic Doctor Who to An American Werewolf in London and the series 3 opener of Sherlock, the Tube has featured as a backdrop to all sorts of spectacular and unnerving adventures. It’s managed in the last 150 years to etch itself indelibly into the British psyche – a separate world running just underneath our own where seemingly anything can happen. (Read more.)

10 Amazing Offbeat Travel Destinations in Paris

Rue-du-Chat-qui-Pêche-Street-of-the-Fishing-Cat-2 (Image: Kmlz)

When thinking of Paris, it is easy to get trapped in the ordinary and see no further than the shadow of the Eiffel Tower. Yet beyond the solemnity of Haussmannian buildings, the rigor of Gothic cathedrals and the grandeur of Renaissance palaces, a more offbeat Paris awaits. Lesser known and commonly overlooked, it has so much more to offer than the glitz of the Champs Elysees and the buzz of Montmartre. (Read more.)

10 of the World’s Coolest, Large-Scale Upcycling Projects

great-crate-upcycling-2 (Image: The Great Crate)

We love seeing creative ways to upcycle items that might otherwise just be thrown in the trash. The movement is gaining considerable momentum, and that’s being helped along by a plethora of large-scale and commercial upcycling projects across the globe. Not only are they raising awareness of environmental issues and turning upcycling into an incredibly creative art form, but the ideas found within these large-scale projects can often be scaled down to your own backyard. (Read more.)

12 Unnerving Abandoned Insane Asylums and Sanatoriums

hartwood-hospital-abandoned-mortuary (Image: Skin – ubx)

Abandoned insane asylums and sanatoriums have long been of interest to urban explorers and photographers looking to capture their dismal, unsettling atmosphere. Although designed for different purposes, these hospitals of yesteryear were in many ways similar in their long-term treatment of patients, which often amounted to years of isolation from the outside world. Sanatoriums were established primarily to care for tuberculosis patients before the introduction of antibiotics, while ‘lunatic’ asylums reflected an antiquated approach to psychiatric treatment that employed cruel and sometimes barbaric techniques, from shock therapy to lobotomies. (Read more.)

10 Inspirational Examples of Urban Interventionism

urban-interventionism-7 (Image: Alexey Menschikov)

From guerrilla gardening to urban art and everything in between, urban interventionism comes in many forms. From the beautification of abandoned buildings to charming miniature scenes created within ‘pothole gardens’, the urban landscape has and continues to benefit from the altruistic work of individuals, often anonymous, seeking the stem the tide of urban decay, or at least draw attention to it. Here are 10 inspirational examples of urban interventionism. (Read more.)

10 Offbeat Things to do in Rome

rome (Image: Stefan Bauer)

Rome is a fantastic place to visit, but if classical buildings, spectacular art and eclectic architecture do not float your boat, perhaps offbeat Rome will. The city is full of unusual sights and things to do, as well as see. Here we take a quick look at a few of them. (Read more.)

Back to the Future: Inside Story of the DeLorean Time Machine

delorean-time-machine-7 (Image: Terabass)

We love the idea of time travel, and we love Back to the Future. So we couldn’t resist taking a closer look at the car that’s not even really a car anymore. So iconic is the DeLorean that it’s impossible to see one without wondering what would happen if it were to hit 88 miles per hour; especially considering there are still a handful floating around out there, like the one recently spotted cruising the streets of Edinburgh – with some help. (Read more.)



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