The Weird Abandoned Domes of Casa Grande, Arizona

the-domes-casa-grande-arizona (Image: Classic Film, cc-nc-4.0)

There’s a small city in Arizona where lies the Casa Grande Ruins National Monument, a group of Anasazi dwellings dating back centuries. But as compelling as these structures are, an even more mysterious collection of modern ruins endure on the southern outskirts of the desert town. Some have likened the eerie abandoned buildings, known as ‘the Domes’, to flying saucer-like UFO houses, retro-futuristic ruins inspired by post-war science fiction shows.


the-domes-casa-grande-arizona-4 (Images: Classic Film, cc-nc-4.0)

As Weird US reports: “In almost every small town in America, there seems to be at least one place like The Domes of Casa Grande, Arizona. It’s the kind of place that has no real past, and not much of a future. It’s the kind of place where teenagers go to drink beer, start fires, and practice their graffiti skills. It’s where the locals go to dump trash illegally. It’s the kind of place your mother may have told you to avoid.”


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Tucked away in a neighbourhood near South Thornton Road, the Domes are understood to have been in the 1970s or 1980s for computer manufacturing, but were never completed. Such a background fits with Weird US’ report that the abandoned, unfinished foundations of other planned structures can be found dotted around the derelict buildings.

the-domes-casa-grande-arizona-6 (Image: monsta’s ink, cc-nd-4.0)

According to Atlas Obscura, the structures vary in size and shape. One resembles a flying saucer while others form the shape of a giant caterpillar. Locals talk of witchcraft and devil worship taking place within the Domes of Casa Grande, and warn would-be urban explorers to stay away, especially from the abandoned tunnels to the east of the site.


the-domes-casa-grande-arizona-8 (Images: monsta’s ink, cc-nd-4.0)

Inside, the Domes are covered in graffiti and blackened by smoke. At least one of the derelict concrete shells was so full of old junk that accessing it proved difficult, writes Weird US. Others, meanwhile, were completely empty, seemingly cleared of debris, their hulking interiors surprisingly large and easily able to accommodate several cars.

the-domes-casa-grande-arizona-9 (Image: monsta’s ink, cc-nd-4.0)

What the future holds for the mysterious Domes of Casa Grande remains to be seen. Their sinister reputation is also cause for debate. Many spooky happenings that have been reported there can likely be attributed to vandals, underage drinkers or just the wind. But does that account for everything? And do the tales of demonic conjuring go beyond urban legend?

the-domes-casa-grande-arizona-10 (Image: monsta’s ink, cc-nd-4.0)

You be the judge, but as Weird US concluded: “…once the sun disappeared, the whole scene grew absolutely unsettling. I was there long enough before dusk to determine there was no one else around, but in the dark, the noises I heard were no longer just my own. No one could have arrived at this isolated location without my seeing them drive up in a car, yet there was something definitely moving around me and it didn’t sound like a small desert creature.”

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