Megatron: A Spectacular Man-Made Wonder Beneath Central Sheffield

megatron-subterranean-sheffield-storm-drain (Images: Ali Mortazavi. The Megatron)

Writing on the Shine a Light On blog, Alex Fenton-Thomas tells of how: “Deep underneath Sheffield city centre – below Park Hill, the train station and Ponds Forge – three rivers meet in a Victorian-engineered subterranean cathedral, built to protect the city from devastating floods.”


This may come as a surprise to Sheffield residents unaware of the hidden treasures beneath their feet. But the series of Victorian-engineered culverts and storm drains – known as the Megatron – truly is a marvel of the industrial age.


Built during the 1860s, the brick arched tunnels were an effort to channel Sheffield’s three rivers – the Don, Sheaf and Porter – away from the bustling heart of the emerging Steel City. Long forgotten by many, if indeed they were ever known at all, these tunnels are now the domain of a handful of engineers tasked with maintaining Sheffield’s subterranean infrastructure.

Hidden in plain sight beneath the busy city centre streets, the dank Victorian tunnels converge to form the cavernous Megatron, an enormous curved space reminiscent in photographs of a flooded railway tunnel. The underground man-made wonder is arguably the UK’s most impressive storm drain.

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