10 Amazing Secret Passages, Tunnels & Mysterious Hidden Rooms

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Let’s all admit it right now – you are absolutely never, ever too old or too jaded to think secret passages, mysterious tunnels and hidden rooms aren’t the coolest thing ever. If there’s one thing that we’d all have included in our homes, it’s our own secret hiding place where we can escape from the world for just a little bit. Some places are fortunate enough to have just that.

10. The Murder Castle at 63rd and Wallace Street, Chicago

murder-castle-chicago (Image: via Wikipedia, public domain)

H.H. Holmes is one of the most notorious – and prolific – serial killers in history. It’s been suggested that he not only worked his trade in Chicago, but that he was also Jack the Ripper. While that’s just a theory, one thing that has been explored in its terrifying entirety is his massive hotel of horrors, which absolutely earned its nickname, The Murder Castle.

murder-castle-chicago-2 (Image: screenshot via Fox 32 Chicago)

On the surface, Holmes built the massive building as just another one of his business ventures – it was advertised as a hotel that he planned on opening during the World Fair. Accurate enough, perhaps, but it was all a cover to lure single female travelers to their deaths. Funded with the money Holmes acquired from various scams and cons, it was only after the hotel was opened to investigation that the full scale of the hotel’s secrets were revealed.

murder-castle-chicago-4 (Image: screenshot via Fox 32 Chicago)

There were about 40 secret rooms in the hotel, and when the detailed blueprints of the hotel was released to the public, they were assigned named like the “hanging secret chamber”, the “black closet”, and the “room of three corpses”. The interior of the hotel was a honeycomb of secret passages, staircases that went nowhere, hidden doors to blind passageways, and trap doors – especially trap doors. It was the trap doors that led to the cellar, with its operating tables, torture devices, crematorium, and quicklime pits.

murder-castle-chicago-5 (Image: screenshot via Fox 32 Chicago)

The so-called murder castle no longer stands, but there are still the remains of Holmes’ work that can be seen. There’s a post office there, now, and below the post office are the remnants of tunnels. Made from turn-of-the-century bricks and showing signs of weathering and of fire damage, it’s claimed that the tunnels are one of the few remnants of the terrifying funhouse of secrets that saw the deaths of hundreds of women.


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