Eerie Hooded Phantoms Haunt the Abandoned ‘Church of the Nine Ghosts’

church-of-the-nine-ghosts-lukova (Image: Céline HU, reproduced with permission)

Urban Ghosts has featured a wide selection of abandoned churches, but one that we haven’t covered until now – and is among the most spooky and unique around – is the so-called ‘Church of the Nine Ghosts’ in the Czech Republic. ‘Haunted’ by eerie white-robed figures seated in dusty pews, there’s little doubt about where the forgotten church got its name. But what’s the story behind it?

The spooky phantoms are actually part of an art installation created in a bid to save the medieval structure from complete decay. The building, real name St George’s, has been disused since 1968 when part of the roof collapsed during a funeral service.

church-of-the-nine-ghosts-lukova-2 (Image: Céline HU, reproduced with permission)

Attributing the structural failure to a curse, the superstitious congregation in the Czech village of Lukova abandoned their small church to the elements. For decades the ornate wood and plaster-work interior of St George’s has steadily deteriorated.

church-of-the-nine-ghosts-lukova-3 (Image: Céline HU, reproduced with permission)

But local artist Jakub Hadrava took it upon himself to protect the ailing building. His concept – nine hooded phantoms created from plaster and brought to ‘life’ by eerie lighting – has proved a big hit, drawing tourists from all over the world whose donations have helped keep the Church of the Nine Ghosts open.

church-of-the-nine-ghosts-lukova-4 (Image: Martino ~ NL, reproduced with permission)

Since the artwork was installed, the ghosts have been joined by more of the mysterious robed figures, who not only occupy the pews, their heads bowed in contemplation, but also stand by the back door as if advancing down the aisle – or dancing.

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