Aviation Mysteries: 10 Strangest Aircraft Disappearances in History

2. Felix Moncla and Robert Wilson (F-89 Scorpion)

First-Lieutenant-Felix-Eugene-Moncla-UFO-disappearance (Images: ufobc.ca; cia.gov)

In 1953, Felix Moncla (above) and Robert Wilson left Kinross Air Force Base to investigate a mysterious blip on the radar over Lake Superior. The weather was clear, with negligible winds and only the lightest of snow flurries – certainly nothing that would have caused significant problems for the experienced pilot.

The last radar contact with Moncla’s F-89 was about 150 miles northwest of the base, over the water. According to radar, he appeared to collide or merge with the radar blip in question, but no trace of his plane was ever found, and it was never determined what the other blip had been, either.

Not surprisingly, the incident has been described as an alien UFO encounter in which Moncla, tailing an alien craft, was absorbed by it.

f-89-scorpion (Image: x-ray delta one, cc-nc-sa-4.0)

That’s the unofficial version of the story, while the official one is no less strange, but definitely more earthly. One theory suggests that the radar blip was a Royal Canadian Air Force plane, and once Moncla had identified it, he broke off pursuit and somehow ended up crashing in the lake, most likely – says the Air Force – after suffering from an attack of vertigo and losing his bearings. His plane is recorded as making a steep descent from 30,000 feet to 7,000 feet, presumably to see what the radar blip was, but there is still the possibility that it was a faulty radar reading that was responsible for the alert in the first place. The RCAF denies that one of their craft was involved, though, making it unclear just what Moncla was chasing.

Eerily, some sources have claimed to have heard Moncla speaking on the radio for some time after his plane disappeared from the radar.


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