10 Abandoned Manor Houses & Baronial Mansions of Scotland

2. Barnbarroch House, Whauphill

Barnbarroch-House-Whauphill (Image: vogelport via derelictplaces.co.uk)

Before Barnbarroch House was engulfed in flames, gutted and all but destroyed in 1941, it was the family home of Vaus (later, the Vans) family. It was originally built in 1780 and remodeled in 1806, the elegant, 2-story home overlooked manicured lawns and gardens in its heyday, along with a pond that was used for swimming and fishing in the summer, and skating in the winter.

The blaze that destroyed the house was complete – so complete that few pictures survive from its last years. The mistress of the house, Ada Vans Agnew, also died in the fire, which started in her private quarters.

Barnbarroch-House-Whauphill-2 (Image: Andy Farrington, cc-sa-4.0)

Today, the pond is now dried up, the staircases are crumbling, and the once immaculate landscaping is overgrown. The facades of the abandoned house were long standing, still elegant in decay with their pillars and empty holes where windows had once covered the walls.

Barnbarroch-House-Whauphill-3 (Image: via Pinterest)

There have been a series of attempts to revitalize the abandoned baronial mansion, with ideas of a cultural center, holiday homes, a leisure center or museums being put forth as fate for the property. As such, plan after plan has fallen through and the house continues to fall farther and farther into a state of disrepair.


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