10 Abandoned Manor Houses & Baronial Mansions of Scotland

3. Leslie House Estate, Fife

leslie-house-fife-2 (Image: Ashley Roy – website: ashleyroy.co.uk)

Once called the Palace of Leslie, the remains of the abandoned manor house are far, far removed from its original grandeur – and if plans for the home continue in the direction they’ve been going, the once-grand estate will be n even farther cry from what it was.

leslie-house-fife-3 (Image: Ashley Roy – website: ashleyroy.co.uk)

Built between 1667 and 1672 for the 7th Earl of Rothes, Leslie House began as a great estate built in several stories around a massive courtyard. Some of the earliest remarks about the estate comment on its lavish nature, including the presence of one long gallery lined with full-length portraits. By the middle of the 18th century, the estate also included extensive, immaculately landscaped grounds and a water garden, all connected by a series of walkways.

leslie-house-fife (Image: Sandy Stevenson, cc-nc-nd-4.0)

Since then, the home has undergone renovation after renovation, seemingly necessitated by the fires that have ravaged the property more than once. The most recent fire was in 2009, when a major blaze caused more than £1 million in damages and put a halt to renovations. The property had been at the center of some controversy, as its conversion into a series of luxury flats had been approved. Only the shell of the house had, tragically, remained, with missing windows and only the remnants of the magnificent gardens still seen on the property.


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