10 Abandoned Manor Houses & Baronial Mansions of Scotland

6. Dunalastair House, Perthshire

Dunalastair-House-Perthshire-ruins (Image: Trevor Littlewood, cc-sa-4.0)

The spot was occupied for some time before the original construction of the house that now stands along the River Tummel. The land was originally home to the family seat of the Struan Robertsons, and at one time, it was known as Mount Alexander.

Dunalastair-House-Perthshire-ruins-3 (Image: ~V~ { Fox Maule II })

The current home was built around 1850, once an elegant, rural, Baronial mansion that only still has traces of its former elegance. The 2-story home was abandoned only 100 years after it was built; at the time of its abandonment, it had most recently served not as a family home but as a school for Polish refugees.

Dunalastair-House-Perthshire-ruins-5 (Image: ~V~ { Fox Maule II })

By 1990, the walls of Dunalastair House remained largely intact – as they still stand – but the roof was rapidly deteriorating. The owner of the home opted to not have it demolished, but also not to support any attempts at restoration because of the invasion of privacy a monumental effort would have caused.

Dunalastair-House-Perthshire-ruins-4 (Image: ~V~ { Fox Maule II })

By 1996, the roof had collapsed completely, and by 2009, all internal floors had also collapsed. Over the next few years, the house remains in something of a stable condition, needing major work to restore it in any way, shape or form. That hadn’t happened yet, though, and now the former home sits overgrown by trees with much of the stunning stonework, masonry and carvings still intact.


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