10 Abandoned Manor Houses & Baronial Mansions of Scotland

9. Cavers House, Scottish Borders

cavers-castle-scotland (Image: Rettie.co.uk, reproduced with permission)

At one time, Cavers was the seat of one of Scotland’s most famous clans – Clan Douglas. Originally, the land was home to a 64-room castle that sat on an estate that included 100,000 acres of land. Over the years, parcels of the land have slowly been sold off, and renovations and remodels have meant that the home itself has gone through a number of different incarnations.

cavers-castle-scotland-3 (Image: Rettie.co.uk)

What stands today are ruins of a manor house that had been built around one of the original castle towers. Dates are a little unclear, but it’s thought that the main, 5-story tower house was built sometime around 1500 and incorporated part of a 13th century castle. By the middle of the 18th century, the tower had been enlarged to create something of a more traditional manor house of the time. In 1878, James Douglas died without a male heir, passing the home onto his niece. Major renovations were done in the 1880s, but the house gradually fell into disuse.

cavers-castle-scotland-5 (Image: Alexander Cunningham)

Much of it was destroyed by the British Army in 1953 when it was handed over to them for use in an explosives exercise; even afterwards, most of the medieval castle still remained.

cavers-castle-scotland-4 (Images: Alexander Cunningham)

Today, there’s little left of the house save a basic shell, although there have been thoughts of restoring the house to something of its former glory. Cavers Castle is currently up for sale – offers over £300,000.


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