10 Abandoned Manor Houses & Baronial Mansions of Scotland

1. Dunmore Park House, Falkirk

dunmore-park-house-ruins (Image: jsutcℓiffe, cc-nc-sa-4.0)

Perhaps the most famous feature of the Dunmore Park estate isn’t the house itself, but the Pineapple. It’s unmistakable, perched on top of a garden pavilion, defiant in its bizarreness. It’s so bizarre, in fact, that there’s no records remaining about who actually designed and built it. Since the estate’s sale in 1911, the building that the Pineapple sits on has been restored, and is in the position of the Landmark Trust. The same, unfortunately, can’t be said for the house.

dunmore-park-house-ruins-2 (Image: jsutcℓiffe, cc-nc-sa-4.0)

Dunmore Park was commissioned by the 5th Earl of Dunmore and built between 1820 and 1822. The family left in 1911, and the home was briefly converted into a girls school. Only finally abandoned in 1964, with the estate lands being divided and sold in pieces in 1968. While the land that included the Pineapple was eventually handed over to the Trust for preservation, the house was built by a farmer who wanted to use the land for agriculture. There were several attempts to petition to demolish the house, and parts were torn down.

dunmore-park-house-ruins-3 (Image: jsutcℓiffe, cc-nc-sa-4.0)

While much of the home remains, what does remain is in ruins. The property is overgrown, and in fact, many of the interior floors have been retaken by nature. Walls are crumbling and windows are long gone, but the Gothic feel and designs of the place remain as a testament to the grandeur it once had.

dunmore-park-house-ruins-4 (Image: jsutcℓiffe, cc-nc-sa-4.0)

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