10 Abandoned Manor Houses & Baronial Mansions of Scotland

Dunalastair-House-Perthshire-ruins-2 (Image: ~V~ { Fox Maule II })

At one time, each one of these abandoned baronial mansions was more than just a home – it was a display of pride and wealth, it was a show of power, it was a creation built by legacies generations in the making. Today, many of these great houses lay in ruins, eerie shadows of what they once were.

10. Eastend House, South Lanarkshire

eastend-house-abandoned-scotland (Image: Ian Paterson, cc-sa-4.0)

The original part of Eastend House was a square keep originally built sometime in the 1500s; not surprisingly, the earliest records of the home are long gone. By the mid-to-late 1600s, an east and west wing had been added on to the house, in the 18th century a more “modern” front addition was added and in the late 19th century, Scottish baronial additions were added to the west. The land itself has long belonged to the Carmichael family, since some time in the 13th century – just when the family came into possession of the land has been hotly debated.

eastend-house-abandoned-scotland-2 (Image: Andy Sweet of Stravaiging Around Scotland)

During World War Two, the home was occupied by the General Staff of the Polish Army, after being passed down through generations and generations of the Carmichael family. After the war, it returned to a branch of the family, two sisters. The last remaining sister lived in the home until 1991, and upon her death, it was discovered that the entire house was filled with dry rot.

eastend-house-abandoned-scotland-3 (Image: Andy Sweet of Stravaiging Around Scotland)

Attempts at stemming the rot problem were made, but with little success. The water problem has only gotten worse in the years since it was abandoned, and now, parts of floors and ceilings have collapsed in full. Most of the windows have been broken and the estate is now overgrown, which has led to more water problems. Gutters blocked with foliage have overflowed and water pipes have burst, adding to the deterioration of this abandoned baronial mansion.


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