The Retro-Futuristic Ruins of Wanli’s Abandoned ‘UFO Village’

wanli-ufo-village-taipei (All images by Philipp Christyakov (see website), reproduced with permission)

Taiwan’s most famous ‘UFO houses’, known as Sanzhi Pod City and dubbed ‘ruins of the future‘, were demolished in 2008 after years of decay. Curated and covered by numerous websites, the abandoned resort became the archetypal retro-futuristic ghost town. But less well known is another mysterious ‘UFO village’ on the shores of the Taipei Basin, where decaying Venturo and Futuro houses stand shoulder to shoulder in dereliction.




Located in Wanli, a 63-square-kilometer district in the north of Taiwan’s bustling New Taipei City, the retro-futuristic ruins stand near the beach amid an area of modern hotel accommodation that could ultimately seal their fate.




Pleasantly arranged on various levels among the trees, the abandoned resort would once have made for a pictureque retreat. Comprised of Finnish architect Matti Suuronen’s iconic flying saucer-inspired Futuro Houses and his less extreme Venturo Houses from the 1960s and ’70s respectively, Wanli’s UFO village makes for a weird and wonderful scene on the hillside.




But its future has hung in the balance since modern redevelopment swept the beach front, raising concerns among vintage enthusiasts over any possible economic incentive to save the abandoned, dilapidated prefab structures.




Understood to have been less than 100 built, Futuro Houses are rare (though it’s unclear whether these ones are original). Treehugger, meanwhile, points out that Venturos were primarily used as gas stations despite a handful being marketed for recreational purposes.




Interestingly, several Venturos and at least one Futuro remain occupied. But how much longer this intriguing Space Age ghost town survives remains to be seen. According to, the retro ruins were still standing as of August 2014. Check out the video below via YouTube for a virtual tour.


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