Haunting Photos of Charleroi’s Never-Used Ghost Metro

charleroi-abandoned-ghost-metro (All images by Véronique Mergaux, cc-sa-4.0)

The Belgian city of Charleroi is home to an infrastructure project that makes even the botched Edinburgh Tram look like a resounding success – the abandoned Châtelet branch of the Charleroi Metro, which was built in the early 1980s and has never been used. Today, this ghost metro boasts four finished stations and four more that linger in various stages of completion, their tracks and abandoned platforms having never serviced a single passenger.



When Charleroi’s urban light rail system became a reality in the mid ’70s, a grand plan envisioned eight branches radiating outwards from a central loop. But low passenger numbers and spiraling costs meant that, by 2012, only four lines had been built – unless you count the network’s ghost metro, that is.



Work on the Châtelet branch began around 1976 as construction workers carved out a 2.5 mile stretch of line from Waterloo Station to Centenaire. Stations had been built and track laid along much of the route by the early ’80s. But then everything abruptly stopped, after which the unused platforms lingered in silence for decades awaiting passengers that never came.



Neuville, Chet, Pensée and Centenaire stations stand closed, ravaged by the effects of time and vandalism. The branch’s second section from Centenaire to Corbeau stands structurally complete with no tracks installed. The remainder was never built.


Only time will tell whether the Châtelet branch and its abandoned, never-used stations will one day see service. More than 30 years after they were first built, estimates suggest a price tag of five million euros to rehabilitate the completed section, with another 20 million euros needed to extend the line to the Corbeau shopping mall.


Given its history, however, it seems just as likely that Charleroi’s Châtelet branch ghost metro will linger in abandonment and decay for many more years to come.

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