Bastnas Car Graveyard: Sweden’s Vast Vehicle Cemetery of ‘1,000’ Abandoned Cars

bastnas-car-graveyard-sweden (All images by belowodje (see Flickr stream) , reproduced with permission)

To date, Urban Ghosts has reported on a plethora of vehicle graveyards, from the war-torn wrecks of Iraq’s Highway of Death to a Sierra Cosworth cemetery and arguably the most well known yet mysterious collection of abandoned cars at Chatillon, Belgium. This article takes us deep into a Swedish forest to the Bastnas car graveyard, where the rusting carcasses of around 1,000 vintage vehicles lie among the trees, some piled high, all overtaken by nature.



According to reports, the location was established as a post-war scrapyard by two Swedish brothers in the 1950s. Vehicles were disassembled and sold in neighbouring Norway, where the price of new cars was prohibitively expensive at the time. The business reportedly operated until the 1980s. When the site was finally abandoned a decade or so later, around 1,000 had been collected and left to rust. Now, 20 years later, the battered shells of these defunct vehicles have been all but swallowed up by the surrounding forest.

But perhaps the most interesting part of the Bastnas car graveyard, where neglected classics from Fords and Buicks to Saabs, Volkswagens and Volvos, is the assertion that many of its earliest vehicles had been abandoned by US personnel after World War Two. This same story is the basis of an urban legend grown around Belgium’s mysterious Chatillon car cemetery.

So, were these cars really left behind by the US military and, if so, could they be the source of the Chatillon rumours?





Most of the cars reportedly date from the 1940s to the 1970s and are difficult to find in the forest, which only serves to make their incongruous presence more intriguing.





As Yahoo! Autos writes: “Located outside of Bastnas, a renowned mining town in southern Sweden, finding the vehicular graveyard requires hours of travel along dirt roads, with no signage to guide you; the land was recently rediscovered by hikers who stumbled across a sea of rusting steel during a long trek. Once there, cars fill every view, along with the brothers’ two desolate homes. The forest remains dense, and according to visitors, like a “labyrinth” of irregular paths and passages. Moss covers old classic vehicles, while shrubbery encompasses the interiors and glorious Saabs sit atop of more glorious Saabs.”






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