10 Terrifying Cryptids of the Mythical World

bunyip (Image: National Library of Australia, public domain)

Cryptozoology has always been something of a questionable scientific field. People are more than happy to scoff at the idea of Bigfoot or the Loch Ness Monster, but it’s also worth noting that there have been a number of creatures that have made the jump from cryptozoology to scientific, accepted fact. The giant squid, the okapi and the gorilla have all been questioned and proven real, so we’re left wondering… how many of these other people are telling the truth, too?

10. Malawi’s Terror Beast

In 2003, a deadly beast stalked several villages in the landlocked African nation of Malawi. The official report was that the creature was a rabid hyena, but those who’d had a first-hand look at the creature thought very, very differently.

malawi-terror-beast (Image: Thomas Pennant, public domain)

By the beginning of March, three people were dead and another 16 suffered some pretty horrible injuries in what seemed to be a vicious animal attack. Injuries included missing hands and feet, while others sustained permanently disfiguring facial injuries – one woman was admitted to the hospital missing her nose and her mouth. The three victims who died after their attacks – two elderly women and a baby – had their skulls crushed and their organs devoured. The Parks and Wildlife division of law enforcement’s insistence that the beast was nothing more than a rabid hyena was a bit hindered by their lack of success in catching the creature, and at the height of the panic 4,000 people fled their homes to seek safety in the shelter of numbers.

According to those who survived seeing it, however, the creature has much longer legs than a normal hyena. This is also on the heels of attacks that had happened a year prior, when a vicious animal stalked and killed among the villages before. In that instance, too, Parks and Wildlife said that it was a rabid hyena that was responsible for five deaths and 20 injuries before it was killed…. but locals didn’t buy it. Instead, there were claims of the supernatural, and victims that insisted the unnatural creature was the monster from the year before, back from the dead and exacting its revenge.


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