Viral Fear: 10 Creepy Urban Legends Spread by the Internet

2. The Victim of the Beast

lilly-e-gray-victim-of-the-beast (Image: Noel Fields, cc-nc-4.0)

Sometimes, there’s a weird relationship between truth and the urban legend.

In the Salt Lake Cemetery, there’s a small, flat gravestone to Lilly E. Gray. Beneath her birth and death dates, there’s a simple inscription that no one’s been able to explain. It simply says, “Victim of the Beast 666”.

The connotations are…. kind of clear. There’s some sort of connection to satanic rituals or devil worship, or someone believed she was a target. Right?

The gravestone says that Gray was buried in 1958, although the records even on that are up for dispute. There seems to be a bit of confusion on just who, exactly, she is, with records on even her basic information not quite matching. And no one seems to remember her, or know why the strange inscription is on her gravestone. Or why, for that matter, her husband is buried on the other side of the cemetery.

There have been a number of wild speculations, but it’s one of those cases that with more information, things just grow that much more weird. In 2009, a paranormal researcher uncovered a document from her husband to the Utah State Board of Pardons that… well, it’s weird. He demands an end to the “farce”, telling the board that he had never gone to court and that his “kidnapers” had been holding him in prison. His parents, the document states, “died of grief when kidnapers murdered my wife.”

Some people who have visited the grave say that they’ve encountered weird chills and bizarre incidents – like a car door suddenly slamming shut on a hand – while there. So was Lilly a victim of “that” beast…. or of her husband, perhaps? Knowing participant or unwilling target?

We don’t know, but don’t step on her gravestone. That’s when things happen.


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