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Urban legends have been around as long as mankind has been able to communicate to each other that they’re afraid of the dark. Those fears haven’t gone away, and, if anything, we’ve found new things to be afraid of in our modern era. We’re afraid of the intelligence of our technology, that one day, it might not need us. We’re afraid of what lurks in the deep, we’re afraid of what waits in the darkness, and now, we’re afraid we might know too much. Thanks to the internet, urban legends aren’t just for telling around the campfire any more, and they’re still downright disturbing.

10. The Rake

the-rake-urban-legend-2 (Image: via The Slender Man Wiki, cc-sa-3.0)

The Rake is said to be a mysterious, monstrous creature that eventually kills the victims that it stalks, first appearing in 2003 and reportedly hunting the residents of rural New York. Originally, there were videos of the supposed creature posted online, but all the videos soon disappeared – conveniently, perhaps. In 2006, documents were collected that told the story of the Rake, and attempted to paint a historical record of its horrible deeds.

Supposedly, the creature first appeared in the 12th century, although no records are said to survive. There is a mention of it in a reputed 17th century ship’s log, where it’s the last entry ever made. And there’s supposed suicide notes that bid the world farewell, insisting death is a better fate than one that involves the Rake, and there’s journal entries that are said to end with a sighting of the Rake.

The Rake is named for its long, clawed hands, and what it does to its victims. It’s described as a hairless, deformed man of some sort, that looks twisted and broken. Its eyes glow, and it moves with a horrible silence. That silence is one of its favored weapons, sneaking into bedrooms while its victim is asleep.

One of the main stories about the Rake is told by a woman who has the thing appear at the foot of her bed. It savages her daughter, and while her husband is driving the little girl to the hospital, he drives his car into a lake and kills them both. The mother, distraught, is left questioning.

She begins to look for others that have seen it, and finds that she’s not the only one that’s been stalked by the creature and left tormented but alive. For now.


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