Cult Cars in Denbigh’s Reliant Robin Graveyard

reliant-robin-graveyard-abandoned-wales (All images by Sam Tait, reproduced with permission)

Some things are so uncool that they’re actually, well, cool. And the┬áReliant Robin is a classic example, garnering a cult following throughout the decades thanks to TV shows like Only Fools and Horses. Described as “a complete menace” by Jeremy Clarkson, converted into a reusable space shuttle by Richard Hammond and James May, and famously only requiring a full motorbike license to drive, these three-wheeled icons have been the butt of British motoring jokes for years, but their niche popularity nevertheless endures. So much so, in fact, that the U.S. embassy in London allegedly once operated three of them for diplomatic reasons… due to their popularity up north.

This series of images reveals what appears to be a Reliant Robin graveyard. But despite their poor condition, these vehicles are not actually abandoned. They’re exhibits at the Cae Dai 50s Museum in Wales, which suffered a fire some years ago and has since been restored.






The market town was home to the North Wales Hospital (more commonly known to urban explorers by its original name, Denbigh Asylum) until the institution’s closure in 1994. The Cai Dai Trust was then established to provide support to vulnerable adults, partly throught the creation of the 1950s Museum, which remains a popular resource for the local and wider community.

The Reliant Robins are part of an collection of classic cars and other memorabilia, hopefully one day to be restored to their former glory.


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