The Abandoned Triumph Car Graveyard at Appleton, Cheshire

triumph-car-graveyard-cheshire-2 (Images by Dave Harding, all rights reserved)

Hidden away in an overgrown corner of a small private airfield lay this amazing graveyard of vintage British sports cars. Classic marques including Triumph Spitfires, TR4s and TR6s had been reduced to derelict rusting hulks after years of neglect with some being almost completely swallowed up by the surrounding undergrowth.



The story of how they came to be there is a fascinating one.



Most of the cars were left-hand drive models made for the American export market and originally shipped to the USA. During the 1990’s, however, increased demand for the type led to a substantial number being re-imported back into the UK by a company that specialized in the sale of British-built sports cars.


But dwindling interest saw the remaining cars sold off except for a small number that had significantly deteriorated. Subsequently, a new Triumph restoration business emerged and the ‘left-overs’ were then salvaged, stripped of all useful parts and the chassis dumped in a small outdoor area close to the workshops at Appleton, Cheshire.



One of the graveyard’s most interesting residents was a rare racing version of the TR4. Owner and driver Mike Mueller was reportedly also the former vice-president of The Triumph Car Club for Chicago and Northern Illinois. He passed away in 2011.


Inevitably the vehicle graveyard site has since been cleared and redeveloped. All the cars were scrapped except for the TR4 racer which has been preserved as a display piece by the restorers.



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