International-Car-Forest-of-the-Last-Church-Nevada (All images by Ron Pinkerton, reproduced with permission)

These amazing psychedelic vehicles form the International Car Forest of the Last Church – an art project featuring dozens of abandoned cars and trucks in the Nevada desert.


The result of a collaboration between artist Chad Sorg and local resident Mark Rippie, the vehicles act as giant canvases for a variety of different works.


Sorg did most of the painting with other local artists invited to help.


Some of the vehicles are angled into the ground while others are stacked on top of each other.


The site, near Goldfield, Nevada, is unmarked with no explanatory signs or information about the artworks.


Rippie wanted the installation to stand as a free attraction to those driving past on the nearby highway.


Other famous sites similar to the International Car Forest of the Last Church include Nebraska’s Carhenge and Texas’ Cadillac Ranch.


But the International Car Forest is believed to be the biggest roadside attraction of its kind.