The Offbeat Afterlife of Osaka’s Abandoned Stadium

osaka-stadium (Image: Yasuoyamada; the now-demolished Osaka Stadium)

The Louisiana Superdome, which sheltered residents during Hurricanes Katrina, George and Ivan, isn’t the only sports stadium to have provided a temporary home, it seems. Osaka Stadium in Japan was turned into an entire ‘neighbourhood‘, comprising three streets of houses (see here.)

Built on a World War Two bombsite in 1950, the former baseball stadium, which boasted a capacity of almost 32,000, was home to the Nankai Hawks until the team relocated in 1988.

With nobody to occupy the abandoned stadium, which once hosted Madonna and Michael Jackson, the giant premises in Osaka’s Naniwa-ku area was sold to a development company who turned the baseball field into a model home showcase.

After this rather bizarre, and certainly imaginative, exhibition of adaptive reuse, Osaka Stadium was demolished to make way for Namba Parks, a multi-terraced commercial complex mixing shops and restaurants with urban green-space.

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