The Mighty Abandoned Lock of the Masurian Canal

georgenfelde-lock-abandoned-masurian-canal-3 (All images by Dmitri Korobtsov, cc-nc-nd-4.0)

Gaunt and forbidding, this abandoned lock and the crumbling shells of its associated structures were never repaired after sustaining heavy damage during World War Two.



Built along the Masurian Canal connecting Russia’s Lava River to Lake Mamry, one of the Masurian Lakes in Poland, the concrete lock represents part of a modernisation programme enacted during the early decades of the 20th century.



The canal, which was originally built between 1764 and 1776 by Johann Friedrich Domhardt, formed an important defensive barrier between the German and Soviet armies during World War Two.



But the damage it sustained during the war was never rectified and today the mighty lock is an abandoned relic of a bloody epoch.



Located near Georgenfelde in Russia’s Kaliningrad Oblast, the bland yet dominant structure makes for a compelling subject for historians and urbex photographers.

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