Lost Art: 8 Incredible Paintings that Vanished for Decades

lost-stolen-art-masterpieces-found (Image: World News TV via YouTube)

In 1911, an Italian nobody known as Vincenzo Peruggia pulled off the art crime of the century. After hiding in a corner of the Louvre until closing time, he removed the Mona Lisa from her spot on the wall and calmly walked out and into the history books. Paris went into meltdown. For two whole years the world convulsed to the image of this lost masterpiece. When it was finally found in 1913, its recovery was an even bigger story than its theft.

Fast forward 100-odd years and we still enjoy a juicy art heist. Although no-one has quite yet matched the scale of Perruggia’s audacious crime, plenty of priceless works still go missing with astonishing regularity, only to unexpectedly resurface years later.

The Boy in the Red Vest (Cezanne)

the-boy-in-the-red-vest-cezanne (Image: Wikipedia, public domain)

A simple image of a young boy sat at a desk, The Boy in the Red Vest was never going to be the most-iconic of Paul Cezanne’s magnificent paintings. Until, that is, it unexpectedly disappeared one grimy winter’s day in 2008.

Snatched from a Swiss museum at gunpoint, the $109m painting seemed to simply vanish into thin air. An initial police investigation uncovered little in the way of evidence, and rumours began to circulate that it had been lost forever. Finally, in 2012 a raid in Serbia recovered the piece, along with a stolen Monet and missing Van Gogh.


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