The Abandoned Ridge Lane Tramway Tunnel

The abandoned Ridge Lane tramway tunnel in North Yorkshire. (All images by Philld, cc-sa-4.0. Ridge Lane tramway tunnel)

When urban explorer Phill.d photographed the abandoned Ridge Lane tramway tunnel in North Yorkshire, he found a gaping hole in the long sealed-off south portal. Beyond the entrance, to his surprise, the old wooden sleepers and track bolts were still in place almost 100 years after the last tram rattled through the 400-yard-long tunnel.


A combination of stone walls and an arched, red brick roof form the interior construction of the tunnel. A series of intricate brick and stone-built alcoves line the inside, allowing railwaymen to escape the path of passing trams before the tunnel closed in 1916.


Ridge Lane tunnel lay on the old tramway connecting the Grinkle iron mine to the harbour at Port Mulgrave. Today, the old trackbed is little more than a woodland path. But as the tunnel approaches, the railway relics become more obvious. Continuing along the trail above, the tramway takes a sharp right and crosses an embankment over the Easington Beck before entering the abandoned tunnel.

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