Ambulance Graveyard in California’s Mojave Desert

ambulance-graveyard-mojave-desert-california (All images by picturenarrative, reproduced with permission)

Emergency vehicles, particularly ambulances, spend their service lives rushing around towns, cities and rural areas in the fight to save life and limb, transporting the critically ill to hospital and myriad other tasks too. But when these high mileage vehicles reach the end of their road, they too must perish. Enter the ambulance graveyard in California’s Mojave Desert.


This quiet boneyard is home to a variety of vintage ambulances that have served their time, as well as other withdrawn emergency vehicles.


A tired yellow stretcher occupies the inside of one abandoned ambulance amid empty cabinets, broken medical devices, and electrical leads that hang from the ceiling.



Other vehicles have had their internal fittings removed, perhaps for reuse on the active fleet.


All in all, the abandoned ambulances look to be in reasonably good condition, most likely due to the desert’s low humidity and relatively tight security around the boneyard, keeping vandals and souvenir hunters at bay.

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