Rusting Steam Engines at New Hope and Ivyland Railroad

train-graveyard-abandoned-pennsylvania (Image: Charles Tilford, cc-nc-sa-4.0)

As well as providing track and locomotive services to freight and passenger railways in North America, the New Hope and Ivyland Railroad has a history of film work and heritage excursions for visiting railway enthusiasts, utilising vintage steam engines restored to running condition. But as photographer Charles Tilford discovered, not all its locomotives remain in working order.



train-graveyard-abandoned-pennsylvania-4 (Images: Charles Tilford, cc-nc-sa-4.0)

This collection of abandoned rolling stock stands neglected on a disused length of track, either harvested for parts or awaiting eventual restoration. With their paint long peeled away and sporting a liberal coating of moss, the inhabitants of this de facto train graveyard have taken on the earthen shades of the autumn leaves around them.


train-graveyard-abandoned-pennsylvania-6 (Images: Charles Tilford, cc-nc-sa-4.0)

Founded in 1966 in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, the New Hope and Ivyland Railroad was originally known as the New Hope Branch of the Reading Company, which leased the North Pennsylvania Railroad. The latter opened in 1855 and much of its infrastructure remained intact until 2008.

abandoned-railway-pennsylvania (Image: Ron Bowen, cc-sa-3.0)

Plans for a rail trail between Hellertown, Upper and Lower Saucon were floated around the same time, but have been opposed by those lobbying for passenger services to be reinstated. An abandoned stretch of the North Pennsylvania Railroad is shown above with double track still in situ.

train-graveyard-abandoned-pennsylvania-7 (Image: Charles Tilford, cc-nc-sa-4.0)

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