Abandoned Glenn Dale Hospital, Maryland, USA

glenn-dale-hospital-abandoned-maryland (Image: Ladyb695, cc-sa-3.0)

Originally built as a tuberculosis sanatorium on a 210 acre campus near Washington, D.C., the abandoned Glenn Dale Hospital (also called Glenndale Hospital) consisted of two large buildings capable of housing more than 550 patients between them.

glenn-dale-hospital-abandoned-maryland-2 (Image: Ladyb695, cc-sa-3.0)

According to Opactity, Building A (above) opened in 1937 for the treatment of up to 293 adults. Building B (below), meanwhile, had opened in 1934 to treat children, with a capacity of 257 beds. Both buildings boasted terraces that beds could be wheeled onto during good weather. The complex also housed a power plant, trash incinerator, nurse and staff housing.

glenn-dale-hospital-abandoned-maryland-3 (Image: Ladyb695, cc-sa-3.0)

Used to treat the chronically ill after 1960 when TB had all but died out, 370 patients remained at Glenn Dale by 1976 when the buildings were found to be in violation of multiple fire and safety codes. Renovation costs were estimated at $23 million and the sanatorium closed in 1981. Park Police regularly patrol the abandoned hospital grounds.

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