Abandoned Hartwood Mental Hospital, Scotland

hartwood-hospital-abandoned-mortuary (Image: Skin – ubx, cc-3.0)

From a distance, Hartwood Hospital in the small village of Hartwood, Scotland, could easily be mistaken for an abandoned castle or medieval church with its two battlement-topped towers and their enchanting turrets.  However, this stone structure, dated 1890, was in fact an institution for the mentally ill.


hartwood-hospital-abandoned-2 (Images: Skin – ubx (top, bottom), cc-3.0)

Hartwood Hospital closed in 1998 due to the 1990 Community Care Act.  While the asylum’s newer buildings were quickly demolished, the main building was initially used as a TV centre before being completely abandoned.  In 2004, a fire destroyed several roofs and severely damaged the inside of the west clock tower.


hartwood-hospital-abandoned-4 (Images: Skin – ubx (top, bottom), cc-3.0)

As well as its own railway, this insane asylum once boasted a reservoir, gardens, a farm and a graveyard.  The items and furniture left in the mortuary, the nursing college (which closed in 2000) and other areas of the hospital, demonstrate how suddenly it was abandoned.  The historic asylum’s ownership and fate allegedly remain uncertain.

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