‘Train Graveyard’ is Actually a Maintenance Depot

nemesis-rail-rusting-diesels (All images by KPAR UK Photography, reproduced with permission)

Rail travellers passing through Burton upon Trent in Staffordshire, England (the home of Bass Ale, for those who aren’t familiar with it), may notice what looks like a train graveyard, fully stocked with rusting locomotives, to the north of the railway station.


Despite appearances, however, several of these diesel locomotives are reportedly in working order, with others set to undergo restoration before being shipped to Eastern Europe.


The nine acre depot belongs to Nemesis Rail, a company providing maintenance, overhaul, painting and modification of rolling stock for train operators and private owners. Established in 2007, the Derby Road site is operational 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


According to Rail UK Forums, one of the Class 56 locomotives at the site (number 56117) is owned by Europhoenix and reported bound for Hungary following restoration.


So while these old diesels may look like a fleet of scrappers, Nemesis Rail’s locomotives remain more lively than those of other train graveyards previously featured on Urban Ghosts, such as Healey Mills in West Yorkshire, the famous railway cemetery of the Atacama Desert and these abandoned trolleys in the United States.


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