Penarth Pool: From Abandoned Swimming Baths to Luxury Homes

penarth-baths-converted-luxury-home (Image: Wales Online, reproduced with permission)

Many of us dream of having our own private swimming pool. But here’s a twist on that concept – a home converted from an abandoned Victorian pool and baths. Located in Penarth, Wales, the five-bedroom seafront home is an inspiring example of adaptive reuse, retaining many of the building’s grand features and decorative brickwork.

penarth-baths-converted-luxury-home-2 (Image: Wales Online, reproduced with permission)

The 19th century municipal baths fell into disuse after the newer Penarth Leisure Centre opened in the 1980s. Despite a brief lease of life as a bar and bistro – called In At The Deep End – the Victorian baths eventually became abandoned.

penarth-baths-converted-luxury-home-3 (Image: Wales Online, reproduced with permission)

The building was bought-up slowly over the years by businessman Paul Smith. By 2005 it had been converted into four separate properties, with the main house put on the market for £1.2 million in July 2012.

penarth-baths-converted-luxury-home-4 (Image: Wales Online, reproduced with permission)

Looking out over Penarth‘s iconic Art Deco pier, the 5000 square foot house features exposed brickwork in the upstairs kitchen and living room area. Above, the decorative Victorian roof supports are an unmistakable reminder of the building’s past.

penarth-baths-converted-luxury-home-5 (Image: Wales Online, reproduced with permission)

The photographs below show the abandoned Penarth Baths before restoration. For another example of a converted Victorian swimming pool, check out Edinburgh’s Infirmary Street Baths, now Dovecot Studios, and be sure to browse the thumbnails below.


penarth-swimming-pool-abandoned (Images: Ben Salter (website: The Open Boat), cc-3.0)

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