Glasgow’s Abandoned Belvidere Hospital for Infectious Diseases

Guest article by Robin Moffett

Belvidere-Hospital-for-Infectious-Diseases-Glasgow (All images by Robin Moffett, all rights reserved)

In the modern ‘Belvidere Village’ close to the Parkhead Stadium lies all that remains of the Belvidere Hospital for Infectious Diseases, opened in 1871. The hospital was originally purchased as a temporary facility by Glasgow’s city fathers as part of the Belvidere Estate.

But by March 1871 the hospital had a bed capacity of 250, with 366 patients during the 1870 outbreak of ‘relapsing fever’ that swept the city, filling all existing fever accommodation at the Glasgow Royal Infirmary and the now demolished Kennedy Street Hospital.


The then isolated location made it ideal for the treatment of infectious patients, and the facility ultimately became a permanent fever and smallpox hospital.

The Belvidere Hospital was subject to a great deal of structural change over the following century. Wooden isolation pavilions were replaced with dedicated smallpox pavilions and extensions to the existing structure continued until 1901.


The facility continued to treat infectious diseases until after the creation of the National Health Service in 1948, at which time it was placed in the care of the Board of Management for Glasgow Royal Infirmary. The Belvidere Hospital for Infectious Diseases remained open until 1999, serving as a geriatric care home following the expansion of the city’s district general hospitals.


After its closure in 1999 the Belvidere Hospital remained in a derelict state until the demolition of all but the administration and nurses block in 2006. This majestic structure is now all that remains of a facility that cared for the health of Glasgow citizens for over a century.


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