Abandoned Talacre Lighthouse & the Ghostly Figure that Inspired an Art Installation

point-of-ayr-lighthouse (Image: Lukasz Lukomski, cc-sa-3.0)

Situated at Point of Ayr, the northernmost point of mainland Wales, the old Talacre lighthouse has become one of the area’s most photographed landmarks. Standing silently at the mouth of the Dee estuary to the southwest of Liverpool Bay, the structure was decommissioned in 1844 but numerous reports of a ghostly figure have led some to claim that the abandoned lighthouse is far from empty – and a sculpture has even appeared in the spectre’s honour.


point-of-ayr-lighthouse-3 (Images: Lukasz Lukomskicc-sa-3.0; Immanuel Giel, public domain)

The Point of Ayr lighthouse, as it’s also known, was built on Talacre beach in 1776, the year the Declaration of Independence was signed in the United States. The structure originally had two lights, one shining toward Llandudno with a secondary beam toward Dawpool, Cheshire.


point-of-ayr-lighthouse-5 (Images: Immanuel Giel, public domain; Dave Green, cc-sa-3.0)

Like many lighthouses, the structure was painted with red and white stripes while operational, boasting a red lantern house at a height of 63 feet. But the structure was finally replaced in 1844 with a pile lighthouse, which was itself replaced by a lightship in 1883.

talacre-lighthouse (Image: BBC North East Wales, cc-nc-sa-3.0)

On many occasions since it was abandoned, witnesses have reported a ghostly lighthouse keeper wearing old fashioned clothes, standing on the small balcony in front of the glass dome. The spook has even inspired an art installation! Meanwhile, you can take a look inside Talacre lighthouse courtesy of the BBC.

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