Street Artist MEGX creates ‘LEGO Bridge’ on Abandoned German Railway

lego-bridge (All images by Martin Heowold (MEGX), reproduced with permission)

The Wuppertal Northern Railway in Germany retired from its original function in the late 1990s and the ‘Nordtrasse’ was officially reopened as a cycle and pedestrian path in June 2010. The ten mile route is maintained by the Wuppertal Bewegung Association e.V., an Eingetrangener Verein or registered charity, that continues to look for exciting ways to use the space (which is sensible considering the success of New York’s High Line). Enter street artist MEGX.



As part of the redevelopment, Martin Heowold (MEGX) transformed 250 square meters of grey concrete into several giant toy bricks. MEGX is a street artist with a real interest in projects that can help people to perceive their surroundings more positively. In this case, paint has proved to be a relatively cheap way to transform a dull bridge into a talking point.


With the help of an elevated work platform, the artwork took MEGX about a month to create in late 2011. Appropriately, LEGO celebrated its 80th birthday in 2012 with a Lani Pixels short animation narrated by Kjeld Kristiansen (who embodies the third generation of the LEGO family business).


Thankfully, LEGO themselves appear to approve of MEGX’s work. The name LEGO is actually a contraction of ‘leg godt’ (a Danish phrase meaning ‘play well’) but it can also be interpreted as ‘I assemble’ in Latin. Clearly MEGX’s blocks are a fun optical illusion and have not been assembled but allegedly he did actually build prototype models from his children’s real LEGO bricks.

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