Top Secret Tombs: The Classified Stealth Aircraft Burial Grounds of Area 51

Buried in Unmarked Graves?

groom-lake-papoose-lake-area-51 (Image: Doc Searls, cc-3.0)

Whether some of these sightings are connected, and indeed whether these craft even exist, is a matter of speculation. Either way, there seems little doubt that over the years myriad secret aircraft, some of them yet to be publicly acknowledged, have been tested at Groom Lake and buried within the test ranges of the Nevada Desert.

area-51-groom-lake (Image: Geckow, public domain)

Others remain stored in the enigmatic Dyson’s Dock. But here, space is at a premium, and as newer projects are retired or mothballed, others must be cleared out to make room. Northrop’s Tacit Blue was a lucky survivor, but how many other cutting-edge engineering marvels have been towed from the Dock and dragged unceremoniously into anonymous pits, adding to the unmarked graves that punctuate this vast and inaccessible landscape?

Respected aviation archaeologist and historian Peter Merlin told the Las Vegas Review Journal that the combined value of the buried craft could total between $600 million and $1 billion – and that was in 2001.

a-12-avenger-canopy (Image: Seth Kettleman)

Every now and then, though, clues do come to light, and in unlikely places. This time last year, the canopy of a shadowy stealth aircraft (intended for service with the U.S. Navy but controversially cancelled before going into full scale development) appeared on eBay – read more about the A-12 Avenger II canopy. As for the others, they say the truth is out there. But we may never find it.

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