Porte Molitor: The Paris Ghost Station that Never Served a Single Passenger

porte-molitor-paris-metro-ghost-station (All images by (Patch), reproduced with permission)

The Paris Metro’s eerie ghost stations¬†include a plethora of defunct subterranean platforms that have been closed for various reasons over the decades, from lack of use to their proximity to neighbouring stations and so on. But¬†Porte Molitor and Haxo are abandoned stations with a twist. Constructed during the early twentieth century, they both boast full platforms that have never served a single passenger.

Porte Molitor was originally intended to serve the Parc des Princes stadium, but no street-level entrances or public access tunnels were ever constructed, and with the exception of a few special services offering interested parties a rare glimpse inside, only Metro employees and savvy urban explorers have uncovered the secrets of these forgotten subterranean spaces.



The reality is somewhat mundane. Today the empty platform at Porte Molitor is used to park trains while the metro system is closed. But it’s the thrill of rediscovering a space seldom seen by members of the public that appeals to urban explorers. Writing on Flickr, photographer and urbexer “Patch” points out that:

“Although the platform itself wasn’t spectacular the intense electronic security measures, the journey there and the experience as a whole combined to make one of the best nights I can remember in recent times.”

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