Old Sailing Boat Upcycled into Colourful Rock Garden

optimist-boat-plants-flowers-fife-scotland-earlsferry (All images by Camille Moran)

A quick Google search revealed how old boats filled with plants and flowers have become a common feature of Scotland’s Fife coast. In St Monans, for instance, school children got involved in community efforts to create a Serenity Garden for the Beautiful Fife Competition, while a boat was planted with flowers to mark the 2012 Olympics and the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. Meanwhile, down the coast in Earlsferry, this old Optimist sailing dinghy has been painted royal blue and planted with a colourful mixture of rocks and flora.


Located at the corner of Links and Chapel Green Road, the neatly painted dinghy is both pleasant attraction and reminder of the village’s rich coastal heritage. Like other urban interventionist and community projects, if reflects local efforts to foster green growth and wildlife through theĀ transformation of formerly defunct objects and places.

Find out more about this stretch of the Fife coast at the Elie and Earlsferry History Society.


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