Exploring the Paris Metro’s Eerie Ghost Stations

Abandoned Stations

(Images: Martin Gautron (website: martingautron.com), cc-nc-3.0)

In addition to merged, moved and unopened stations, a number of Paris ghost stations were open to passengers for a number of years before falling into abandonment. Most of these closed in 1939 at the outbreak of World War Two, including Saint-Martin. Once an important station on the Grands Boulevards, it ultimately closed due to its proximity to neighbouring Strasbourg – Saint-Denis.

(Images: vincent desjardins, cc-3.0)

Three other stations – Arsenal, Champ de Mars and Croix-Rouge (above) have also been closed since 1939. Another two, Porte des Lilas – Cinéma and Invalides remain open but house disused platforms that were closed following modernisation work to the stations.

(Images by (Patch), reproduced with permission)

Situated on Line 5 between the stations of Bastille and Quai de la Rapée, Arsenal (above) has been closed since September 2, 1939. Signs of its existence are also visible above ground, in the form of a blocked-off entrance on Boulevard Bourdon.


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