Exploring the Paris Metro’s Eerie Ghost Stations

Unopened Stations

Abandoned subterranean stations are a regular feature of most rapid transit systems. Far less common, however, are stations that never opened at all. Such places may not be haunted by the ghosts of passengers past, but remain a holy grail for urban explorers due to their inherent inaccessibility and the fact that few people have ever seen them.

(Images: Gonioul (left, right), cc-sa-3.0)

Two such stations exist below Paris – Porte Molitor and Haxo. Constructed in 1923, Porte Molitor (above) linked Lines 9 and 10 and despite being built to service night matches at Parc de Princes and Roland Garros stadiums, was abandoned during construction. Station access was never completed and the space is now used to park trains.

(Images: Gonioul (1, 2, 3); Frederic Crozat; cc-sa-3.0)

Similarly, Haxo lies silent beneath the streets of Paris – a forgotten station with no access to the world above. Special trains occasionally stop to allow enthusiasts and urban explorers to photograph the disused platforms. A sign saying “1993” which hangs from the ceiling harks back to a press event that took place that year in the defunct subterranean space.


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