Bedd Arthur: Ancient Standing Stones at the reputed Burial Site of Legendary King Arthur

(Image: Andrew Howey, cc-sa-3.0)

Isolated and enigmatic in the Preseli Hills of Pembrokeshire, Wales, is a circle of Neolithic standing stones known as Bedd Arthur (or Beddarthur), meaning Arthur’s Grave and claimed by local folklore to be the final resting place of the legendary British king. This area is also widely believed to have been the source for some of the bluestones used at Stonehenge – specifically the rocky outcrop of Carn Menyn, seen in the background of the above photo.

Comprised of 13 standing stones not more than 0.6m tall, Bedd Arthur’s shape has been described by various sources as a rectangle, a horseshoe or an oval, and reportedly depends on the viewer. One truncated end suggests there may once have been a burial chamber in the centre of the circle.

(Image: ceridwen, cc-sa-3.0)

While some dispute nearby Carn Menyn’s role in supplying bluestones to Stonehenge (while others argue over whether they were transported by human or glacial means), the dolerite slabs above may have been cut and stacked ready for collection, but ultimately not been needed. And unlike some stones that have been removed more recently, the ancients did it all without the help of a military helicopter.

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