Hidden in the Fields: Abandoned Wartime Runway of RAF Boulmer

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It may not look like much today, but this long, narrow field situated on farmland in Northumberland was one of RAF Boulmer’s substantial runways during World War Two. Initially constructed in 1940 as a decoy airfield to lure enemy bombers away from operational bases nearby, Boulmer’s Hurricane decoys and grass strips had been replaced by three tarmac runways and a Spitfire training squadron by 1943.

Boulmer remained operational until the end of the war, after which it reverted to agricultural land. While a selection of relics remain, including pillboxes and sections of perimeter track, the airfield has all but disappeared. Aerial photos reveal the layout of the former air base and an intact section of runway and taxiway that now forms the basis of a caravan park. In the foreground of the above images can be seen the last remnants of the runway tarmac.

A nearby site, also called RAF Boulmer, remains active today, housing a Search and Rescue Sea King helicopter unit and a radar early warning station that played a key role in the defence of Britain throughout the Cold War and into the present.

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