Rock-A-Hoola: Abandoned Water Park on Historic Route 66

(All images by Michael Alan Goldberg (official website), reproduced with permission)

Located on Lake Dolores east of Barstow, the Rock-A-Hoola Waterpark has been abandoned since 2004. Originally built as the privately-owned Lake Dolores Waterpark in the 1950s, the attraction opened to the public in 1962 before closing down in the late 1980s. The park was renovated as the 1950s themed Rock-A-Hoola in 1998.

Futurist buildings, bright colours and 50s style music were staples of the park during its years of business, and the rides attracted many visitors to the area. Sadly, an employee of the park incurred a devastating injury while using one of the rides, suing for damages, which led to the slow demise of Rock-A-Hoola.

Financial problems caused the park to be sold in 2001, and Rock-A-Hoola briefly became Discovery Waterpark in 2002. However, the renovations failed to draw in enough business and the park closed for good in 2004.

The buildings, pools and canals now lie empty in the harsh weathers of the Mojave Desert, with highs of 100 degrees in the summer and bitterly cold winters. Vandalism and decay have laid waste to many areas of the park, however visitors have reported spectacular sights at the former attractions. The striking buildings and rides have a unique essence in their abandoned state.

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