Explore the Incredible Military and Merchant Ship Graveyard of the Red Sea

(All images by gh0stdot, reproduced with permission)

The Red Sea is a treacherous body of water known for its storms, fierce currents, chains of reefs and submerged islands.  As a result, the seabed is home to what is arguably one of the world’s most impressive ship graveyards, with wrecks both merchant and military scattered across the bottom.  A hotspot for divers from across the globe, you’ll find an extensive list here of the Egyptian Red Sea’s most major shipwrecks, some of which you can explore here thanks to this incredible series of images by gh0stdot.

The above images show divers swimming through the rotated canteen (and exploring the car deck) of Egyptian ferry Salem Express, which sank on December 16, 1991 while loaded with cars and pilgrims bound for Mecca.  Other shipwrecks pictured include the Al Kahfain and the British ship Thistlegorm, which was sunk by Heinkel bombers on October 6, 1941 while preparing to enter the Suez Canal.

Perhaps the most haunting of gh0stdot‘s wreck dive photos is that of the Giannis D, which left the Croatian port of Rijeka carrying a cargo of softwood bound for Jeddah in Saudi Arabia. Listing to port and framed by the eerie glow of the sun above the water, Giannis D became a victim of the magnificent Sha’b Abu Nuhas coral plateau, which it struck on April 19, 1983.

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