The Amazing Mould-Covered Urbex Art of Daniele Del Nero

(All images by Daniele Del Nero, reproduced with permission)

Using a combination of black paper, flour and layers of mould, Daniele Del Nero has created miniature versions of forgotten houses which look every bit as haunting as their real-life counterparts. What is amazing about his creations is the level of depth which is shown in each structure – gaping office buildings are photographed clustered together in scenes of total debilitation – a scary and striking sight.

Grown over several days, the mould used to create these stunning models then dies after two weeks leaving a layer of dust akin to a spider’s web which gives the miniature houses their creepy and mesmerising look. “I’ve always been fascinated by old ruined buildings,” says Del Nero, in an interview. “We are used to imagining our cities as permanent and definitive, but it’s amazing how little time it takes for nature to reclaim its spaces.”

Del Nero’s collection of models are set to form part of his photographic exhibitions. Placed all together alongside the photos, the miniature buildings will be displayed to look “like a portion of a very dead town.” Although these buildings celebrate the art of decay, there’s something amazing about Del Nero’s use of living mould in creating them – a testament to the true power of nature over the urban landscape.

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