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The world boasts numerous abandoned settlements that span modernity, from remote ghost towns to vast deserted cities.  Some, like Pripyat in Ukraine, have become notorious symbols of human-caused disaster, while others have fallen into decay due to economic decline, civil war, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.  Some abandoned towns and ghost cities are so isolated that they have become like time capsules, almost untouched since their last occupants departed generations ago.  Join us as we travel across the continents to explore 50 of the world’s most impressive deserted settlements.

Abandoned Towns and Cities of Europe

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The history of Europe’s abandoned towns and ghost cities is often bloody, with many beautiful old settlements turned to crumbling shells through war and conflict.  From the Spanish Civil War to World War Two, villages like Oradour-sur-Glane and Belchite are eerie remnants of lost grandeur that may ironically be better known in abandonment than the were before.  But it’s not all tragedy: Europe is also home to lost mining settlements and military training villages – read more.


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