(Image: Esprit de sel, cc-nd-2.0)

Welcome to Part 8 of our weekly round-up of great articles from our friends, partners and sites we like around the web.

Sleep in the World’s Deepest Hotel Room (Wanderplex)

Deserted Barracks of the Soviet Red Army (Environmental Graffiti)

Urban Exploring the North Western Storm Relief Sewer: Notting Hill (SubUrban)

Urban Exploration, Abandoned Places and Tunnels (Tender is the Night)

Ghost Cars of the World (Dark Roasted Blend)

B-2 Spirit Stealth Bomber Crash, Guam: in Pictures (Storm Climb)

The “Concrete Pot” Abandoned Railway Tunnel (Phill.d – Flickr)

Regulations for Hunting the Yeti (Daily Grail)

World’s Largest Cave is Big Enough to Fit a Skyscraper (iO9)

500 Ships in the World’s Largest Ship Cemetery (Good)