London Man Takes BMW Convertible to the Grave

(Image: Jeane Trend-Hill, all rights reserved)

They say you can’t take your possessions to the grave with you.  But that’s not strictly the case for one deceased car fanatic in London’s Manor Park cemetery.  When Steve Marsh died in April 2009, his family decided to mark his passing with a memorable monument in the shape is his favourite BMW M3 convertible.

(Image: Jeane Trend-Hill, all rights reserved)

Sculpted from a single piece of granite at a cost of £50,000, the scale BMW model weighs one ton and had to be lowered onto the grave by crane in an operation involving 20 people.  In addition to a personalised number plate, Mr Marsh’s family designed the customised silver-painted lights, dashboard and BMW logos on the wheels.

(Image: Jeane Trend-Hill, all rights reserved)

To date Urban Ghosts has reported on sinister ossuaries and catacombs, mysterious overgrown cemeteries and even vehicle graveyards.  But this is the first time we’ve featured a vehicle in a traditional graveyard.  Thanks to journalist Jeane Trend-Hill of Cemetery Photography for the images.  Be sure to explore more of Jeane’s work on her website.

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