(Images: via Gizmodo)

China is never far from the international press.  But as Gizmodo reports, China’s state-run media has been on flying/explosive form recently, passing off apparent footage from Top Gun as the successful air-to-air missile shoot-down of a – we presume – target drone.  The footage, shown on China Central Television, was claimed to be a training exercise, but anyone who’s seen Top Gun will spot the (exact) similarities between this and scenes from the movie where Maverick and Iceman destroy Northrop F-5E/F Tiger IIs posing as the bad guys.

But what if the footage isn’t from Top Gun?  That in itself raises eyebrows.  Firstly, the People’s Republic of China doesn’t own or operate any American-built F-5s.  That would be the Republic of China (Taiwan).  Secondly, one of the main roles of Taiwan’s air force is to defend against any potential attack from China, meaning that if this footage involving the shoot-down of an F-5 was real, the term “training exercise” would perhaps more appropriately be recategorised as “major international incident”.  Thoughts?

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