Creative Character Animation and Digital Illustration by Denis Zilber

If illustration and character animation are your thing, you’ll love the work of Denis Zilber.  Inspired by children’s book illustrators and animated feature films from across the world, Denis’ vibrant characters are infused with his own personal blend of humour and creativity.  This article provides an introduction to Denis’ digital art, which includes well known household characters alongside his own unique creations.

Originally from Ramat Gan, Israel, Denis began his career as a web designer.  But a year ago he dived into the world of illustration and animation after completing a degree with the award-winning, whose graduates have gone on to work for such top companies as Industrial Light & Magic, Walt Disney Animation Studios, LucasArts, DreamWorks Animation SKG and many more.

Now based in Tel Aviv, Denis works as a full-time freelance illustrator and character designer.  He creates high quality illustrations for leading magazines and newspapers, and develops characters and backgrounds for the animation industry.

Occasionally dabbling in animated shorts, Denis’ art spans numerous topics.  His work has been used to illustrate all manner of subjects, from getting in shape and weird sports to popular television shows like House and social issues such as poverty.  No matter how serious or lighthearted the issues depicted are, Denis’ unique blend of humour and creative ability has catapulted them to the pages of top style magazines like GQ.

To view more great artistic creations, visit Denis’ animation website and don’t miss his personal blog for his latest creations.  All images are reproduced with the permission of Denis Zilber.

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